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A Kink in My Armour Lizzie  Rose

A Kink in My Armour

Lizzie Rose

Published June 15th 2012
ISBN : 9781477100509
152 pages
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 About the Book 

Abuse Doesn’t Stop One Woman from Living a Positive and Fulfilled Life“A KINK IN MY ARMOUR ” reveals how one woman overcame harsh adversity, took control of her life and became a victor”For those who have never been abused, they will never know the horror of an abusive childhood or the daily trauma that abused children struggle with. In A Kink in My Armour, author Lizzie Rose shares the amazing true story of a survivor of sexual abuse, rape, and child abuse, and how she rose above the depths of despair to live a happy life.When a fifteen-year-old girl survived a horrific train crash in the seventies in New South Wales, she thought she was going to die. She was ready to go, after everything she had endured in life. Yet against all odds, pinned under tons of asphalt, steel and rock for 8 long hours, she survived. Her rescue would mark the beginning of yet another chapter of nightmarish terror and trauma to face that might otherwise cripple her psychologically for the rest of her life. A Kink in My Armour tells her incredible story—the abuse she suffered in her dysfunctional family even before the horrifying train crash- howshe, a mere child, served as protector for her younger siblings- and how she survived all of this to become a high powered professional business woman now living a happy life with her family.An empowering true tale of one woman who overcame adversity in its harsh, raw and naked form, A Kink in My Armour also tells of sadness and pain, of true inspiration, love, compassion, and empathy. It is an inspiring testament that a person can live through four decades of horrifying abuse and still move forward to lead a more positive and fulfilled life. No matter what challenges she faced, this woman showed true strength and courage, took control of her life and in the end became the victor.