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Slaves in Their Chains. Constantine Theotokis Theotokes

Slaves in Their Chains. Constantine Theotokis


Published November 1st 2010
ISBN : 9780946162789
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 About the Book 

This Modern Greek novel belongs firmly to the classic tradition of European fiction. Set in Corfu in the early years of the twentieth century, Constantine Theotokis’s tragicomic masterpiece Slaves in their Chains (1922) depicts a society that had been disintegrating since the Ionian Islands became part of Greece in 1864. It is the story of a noble family’s descent into poverty, dishonour and madness. An old landowner in the clutches of a money-lender, his daughter forced to sacrifice her idealistic lover for a crude but wealthy doctor, her idle brother in thrall to a vindictive mistress – all come dramatically to life in scenes of passionate intensity. And from the deftly caricatured supporting cast of bankers, poetasters, impoverished aristocrats, loose wives, young radicals and nepotistic politicians, a satirical portrait of fin-de-siècle Corfiot society emerges for which Theotokis was never quite forgiven by his fellow islanders. ‘I am delighted that this last and most ambitious novel by one of modern Greece’s leading and most interesting authors is appearing in English.’ – Peter Mackridge. University of Oxford ‘Theotokis’s masterly anatomy of the old ruling class of his native island in terminal decline is as tightly constructed as a tragedy by Ibsen or Strindberg … This is a powerful novel, fluently and compellingly translated into English for the first time. It deserves to be much better known.’ – Roderick Beaton, TLS