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Therell Come a Time Terry Cubbins

Therell Come a Time

Terry Cubbins

Published October 1st 2012
ISBN : 9781478104889
258 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

With the war in Viet Nam winding down, navy veteran Sonny Williams returns home to Seattle and learns his older brother, Tim, has been suckered into hauling marijuana for a smuggler known only as the old man. To make matters worse, Tims kidneys are failing and he will soon need an operation to save his life. To extract his brother from the old mans grip, and to raise some fast cash, Sonny makes a one-time deal to sail as the engineer on the Intrepid, a ship thats sailing from San Francisco to Thailand and bringing millions of dollars worth of pot into the U.S. While the crew of the Intrepid makes repairs and refuels at a small in Malaysia, sonny falls in love with a beautiful local woman and vows to return for her once he completes his mission. Murder and betrayal become the game changers that compel Sonny to return to Malaysia on a different ship, not for love, but for vengeance