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Oliver 4 PB/1 CD Syd Hoff

Oliver 4 PB/1 CD

Syd Hoff

Published January 1st 2004
ISBN : 9781591126614
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 About the Book 

I bought this book based on its cover, as it looked like something I had read in my childhood. Plus it was about an elephant and I love elephants.Elizabeth loved the story, but then again she isnt too picky.The story is about Oliver the elephant who wants to be part of the circus. The circus man turns Oliver away because he only wanted 10 elephants, not 11. Oliver then wanders about the city, willing to be anything anyone wanted him to be (Thank heavens he wasnt a teenaged girl or this would have been an entirely differnt story.) He just cant fit in anywhere. Finally, by just being himself with the encouragement of some little friends he gets his wish.