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Barbara Takes Control: An Erotic Romance Story Nycole Folk

Barbara Takes Control: An Erotic Romance Story

Nycole Folk

Published October 26th 2013
Kindle Edition
20 pages
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 About the Book 

In Nycole Folk’s new series of erotica stories, Transforming Craig, a wife starts a journey of sexual awakening that not only transforms her husband but also herself. From a sexless and almost loveless marriage to heights (and depths) of passion and adventure, the unlikely heroine is guided on her journey by a wise aunt whose marriage has already been transformed. Follow along an erotic journey of discovery for Barbara and Craig.In Episode Three, Barbara takes a big leap of faith and experiments with kinky behavior, learning the first stages of sexual dominance and bondage experimentation. Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity so only mature adults should read this story.Here is a preview:January 29 [email protected] wroteBauble! What the hell does it take for you to accept that things are already different? More than the sex is already good! Did they fuck you at the spa yesterday? Did the waiter at the fancy restaurant bend you over the table and screw you until you screamed? Did your birthday party turn into a big orgy?No. All of those things had nothing to do with sex and they were good. Stop compartmentalizing. Stop hanging on to the silly idea that the health of your marriage and the health of your sex life are two separate things! Listen, honey. The key to your happiness is your cunt, pure and simple.January 29 [email protected] wroteAuntie Karen! I don’t think I’ve ever said that word, and I can’t believe you just typed it!January 29 [email protected] wroteCunt, pussy, snatch, slit, clam, honey pot, cock holster, poontang.You want dick words, too?Cock, prick, rod, poker, shaft, pecker, prong.What are you, thirteen?I think it’s time you had Craig tie you up or something, just to slap your bullshit modesty in the face.January 29 [email protected] wroteTalk about making me blush like crazy! My God, Aunt Karen! I hadn’t even heard a few of those words.Tie me up? Are you crazy? Only the perverts do that.January 29 [email protected] wroteI’m just saying that you need to get past this Pollyanna crap. You need to do something you can’t pretend is run of the mill.January 29 [email protected] wroteI don’t think I want to be tied up.January 29 [email protected] wroteWhat about tying him up?January 29 [email protected] wroteHe’ll never do that!January 29 [email protected] wroteDoes it turn you on?January 29 [email protected] wroteYou know, before these emails, I don’t think I ever blushed in front of my computer screen.January 29 [email protected] wroteDoes it turn you on?January 29 [email protected] wroteIs sex all you ever think about?January 29 [email protected] wroteDoes it turn you on?January 29 [email protected] wroteFine! Yes. It turns me on. Happy now?